Interim CTO

Architecting your Technology

Engin, Fifteen Jugglers’ Founder, has over 12 years experience in the software business and helped several startups, both in Silicon Valley and in Berlin, get to market and start validating their ideas by architecting software products and leading them successfully to launch.

Building your Team

If you want to build world-class software, you need world-class talent. Building solid hiring processes and helping your company recruit and retain the best engineering talent is also something Engin specializes in.

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Product Direction

Get to Product-Market Fit

In addition to our own successful apps, we have also consulted with clients to bring their ideas to life as successful digital products in a user centric and data driven fashion. Our goal is to help you start testing, validating and iterating your product as fast as possible to get to product market fit quickly and efficiently.

Grow your Product

Our Founder, Engin, has successfully completed Reforge Advanced Growth and Retention+Engagement series and can help your team setup reliable and actionable metrics which can help you gain insights about your product and make best decisions to drive success.

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